January 12, 2016

Capability Statement

family-tiesRestfull Nights Corporation Inc. is a Queens based non-profit homeless shelter and Social Service agency.  Founded on the principle of equal opportunity, access to helpful resources and shelter for all.  We are committed to providing homeless and low-income people the opportunity to enhance their quality of life through our excellence in service and strong community partnerships.  We will be the beacon of hope for the underserved communities and the people that survive and reside in these communities.


DUNS: 0796673420000

TAX EXEMPT #: 47-320-4900


  • Our facility does more than just shelter families.  We offer assistance with essential social services.
  • We teach our clients how to take control of their lives and live purposefully while reaching for their goals.
  • We teach families to reconnect with each other on all levels.
  • Restfull Nights helps homeless population and anyone in need.  We bring unity to our community.
  • Our services are no cost to anyone who walks through our doors.


Key Personnel


Zulema Charles – Office Manager

Luis Krigger – LMSW, MSA & LMHC

Pauline Green – LMSW

Lurethia Grant – Case Manager

Abishek Kayastha – Director of Marketing & Development

Diane Everett – Human Resource

Destini Abernathy – CFO

Monique Thompson – CEO



Primary NAICS Codes

624221: Temporary Shelters1411923443473

624190: Other Individual and Family Services

813319:  Other Social Advocacy Organizations

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